New page type for non linear stories

December 1, 2015

Finally our new page type “Hotspot” is ready. It combines panoramic images and movies with active click areas. Besides a wider view “Hotspots” enable more interaction and new storylines as well. With each Hotspot areas can be marked, linked an animated. Hotspots can play audiofiles, link to other pages within a story and can link […]

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Pagefow Update 0.9.0

October 27, 2015

Within the last days we have installed an update and provided Pageflow with 5 new functions: Copy stories  Simply duplicate stories within each entry page. That might be useful to create templates, when you want to have different versions with only a few variations or translations.

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Password protection and more news

June 9, 2015

We’d like to spread some news about a feature, that now allows you to protect Pageflows with a password. This might for instance be useful to present drafts within a team and keep B2B content exclusive.

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